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Properties (Visual FoxPro)

For information about backward compatible-only language reference, see Backward-Compatible Language Elements.

ActiveColumn Property

ActiveControl Property

ActiveForm Property

ActivePage Property

ActiveProject Property

ActiveRow Property

AddLineFeeds Property

ADOCodePage Property

Alias Property

Align Property

Alignment Property

AllowAddNew Property

AllowAutoColumnFit Property

AllowCellSelection Property

AllowDelete Property

AllowHeaderSizing Property

AllowInsert Property

AllowModalMessages Property

AllowOutput Property

AllowRowSizing Property

AllowSimultaneousFetch Property

AllowTabs Property

AllowUpdate Property

AlwaysOnBottom Property

AlwaysOnTop Property

Anchor Property

Application Property

AutoActivate Property

AutoCenter Property

AutoCloseTables Property

AutoComplete Property

AutoCompSource Property

AutoCompTable Property

AutoHideScrollBar Property

AutoIncrement Property (Visual FoxPro)

AutoOpenTables Property

AutoRelease Property

AutoSize Property

AutoVerbMenu Property

AutoYield Property

BackColor, ForeColor Properties

BackStyle Property

BaseClass Property

BatchUpdateCount Property

BindControls Property

BorderColor Property

BorderStyle Property

BorderWidth Property

Bound Property

BoundColumn Property

BoundTo Property

BreakOnError Property

BufferMode Property

BufferModeOverride Property

BuildDateTime Property

ButtonCount Property

Buttons Property

Cancel Property

Caption Property (Visual FoxPro)

Centered Property

Century Property

ChildAlias Property

ChildOrder Property

ChildTable Property

Class Property (Visual FoxPro)

ClassLibrary Property

ClipControls Property

Closable Property

CLSID Property

CodePage Property

ColorScheme Property

ColorSource Property

ColumnCount Property (Visual FoxPro)

ColumnLines Property

ColumnOrder Property

Columns Property

ColumnWidths Property

CommandClauses Property

Comment Property

CompareMemo Property

ConflictCheckCmd Property

ConflictCheckType Property

ContinuousScroll Property

ControlBox Property

ControlCount Property

Controls Property (Visual FoxPro)

ControlSource Property

ConversionFunc Property

Count Property (Visual FoxPro)

CurrentControl Property

CurrentDataSession Property

CurrentPass Property

CurrentX, CurrentY Properties

CursorSchema Property

CursorSource Property

CursorStatus Property

Curvature Property

Database Property

DataSession Property

DataSessionID Property

DataSource Property (Visual FoxPro)

DataSourceType Property

DataType Property

DateFormat Property

DateMark Property

Debug Property (Visual FoxPro)

DeclareXMLPrefix Property

DEClass Property

DEClassLibrary Property

Default Property

DefaultFilePath Property

DefOLELCID Property

DeleteCmd Property

DeleteCmdDataSource Property

DeleteCmdDataSourceType Property

DeleteMark Property

Description Property (Visual FoxPro)

Desktop Property

Details Property

DisabledBackColor, DisabledForeColor Properties

DisabledItemBackColor, DisabledItemForeColor Properties

DisabledPicture Property

DisableEncode Property

DisplayCount Property

DisplayValue Property

Dockable Property

Docked Property

DockPosition Property

DocumentFile Property

DownPicture Property

DragIcon Property

DragMode Property

DrawMode Property

DrawStyle Property

DrawWidth Property

DynamicAlignment Property

DynamicBackColor, DynamicForeColor Properties

DynamicCurrentControl Property

DynamicFontBold, DynamicFontItalic, DynamicFontStrikethru, DynamicFontUnderline Properties

DynamicFontName Property

DynamicFontOutline Property

DynamicFontShadow Property

DynamicFontSize Property

DynamicInputMask Property

DynamicLineHeight Property

EditorOptions Property

Enabled Property (Visual FoxPro)

EnableHyperlinks Property

Encrypted Property

ErrorNo Property

Exclude Property (Visual FoxPro)

Exclusive Property

FetchAsNeeded Property

FetchMemo Property

FetchMemoCmdList Property

FetchMemoDataSource Property

FetchMemoDataSourceType Property

FetchSize Property

FileClass Property

FileClassLibrary Property

FillColor Property (Visual FoxPro)

FillStyle Property

Filter Property

FirstElement Property

FirstNestedTable Property

Flags Property (Visual FoxPro)

FontBold, FontItalic, FontStrikethru, FontUnderline Properties

FontCharSet Property

FontCondense, FontExtend Properties

FontName Property

FontOutline Property

FontShadow Property

FontSize Property

ForceCloseTag Property

Format Property

FormCount Property

FormattedOutput Property

Forms Property

FractionDigits Property

FRXDataSession Property

FullName Property

GDIPlusGraphics Property

GridLineColor Property

GridLines Property

GridLineWidth Property

HalfHeightCaption Property

HeaderClass Property

HeaderClassLibrary Property

HeaderHeight Property

Height Property

HelpContextID Property (Visual FoxPro)

HideSelection Property

Highlight Property

HighlightBackColor Property

HighlightForeColor Property

HighlightStyle Property

HighlightRow Property

HighlightRowLineWidth Property

HomeDir Property

Hours Property

HostName Property (Visual FoxPro)

HScrollSmallChange Property

hWnd Property (Visual FoxPro)

Icon Property (Visual FoxPro)

Increment Property

IncrementalSearch Property

InitialSelectedAlias Property

InputMask Property

InsertCmd Property

InsertCmdDataSource Property

InsertCmdDataSourceType Property

InsertCmdRefreshCmd Property

InsertCmdRefreshFieldList Property

InsertCmdRefreshKeyFieldList Property

Instancing Property

IntegralHeight Property

Interval Property

IMEMode Property

IsAttribute Property

IsBase64 Property

IsBinary Property

IsNull Property

IsDiffGram Property

IsLoaded Property

ItemBackColor, ItemForeColor Properties

ItemData Property

ItemIDData Property

ItemTips Property

IXMLDOMElement Property

KeyboardHighValue, KeyboardLowValue Properties

Keyfield Property

KeyFieldList Property

KeyPreview Property

KeySort Property

LanguageOptions Property

Left Property (Visual FoxPro)

LeftColumn Property

LineContents Property

LineNo Property

LineSlant Property

LinkMaster Property

List Property

ListCount Property

ListenerType Property

ListIndex Property (Visual FoxPro)

ListItem Property

ListItemID Property

LockColumns Property

LockColumnsLeft Property

LockScreen Property

MacDesktop Property

MainFile Property

MapN19_4ToCurrency Property

MapBinary Property

MapVarchar Property

Margin Property

MaxButton Property

MaxHeight Property

MaxLeft Property

MaxLength Property

MaxRecords Property

MaxTop Property

MaxWidth Property

MDIForm Property

MemberClass Property

MemberClassLibrary Property

MemoWindow Property

Message Property

MinButton Property

MinHeight Property

MinWidth Property

MouseIcon Property

MousePointer Property

Movable Property

MoverBars Property

MultiSelect Property (Visual FoxPro)

Name Property (Visual FoxPro)

NestedInto Property

NewIndex Property

NewItemID Property

NextSiblingTable Property

NoCpTrans Property

NoData Property

NoDataOnLoad Property

NullDisplay Property

NumberOfElements Property

Object Property (Visual FoxPro)

OLEClass Property

OLEDragMode Property

OLEDragPicture Property

OLEDropEffects Property

OLEDropHasData Property

OLEDropMode Property

OLEDropTextInsertion Property

OLELCID Property

OLERequestPendingTimeout Property

OLEServerBusyRaiseError Property

OLEServerBusyTimeout Property

OLETypeAllowed Property

OneToMany Property

OpenViews Property

OpenWindow Property

Optimize Property

Order Property (Visual FoxPro)

OrderDirection Property

OutputPageCount Property

OutputType Property (Visual FoxPro)

PageCount Property

PageHeight Property

PageNo Property

PageOrder Property

Pages Property

PageTotal Property

PageWidth Property

Panel Property

PanelLink Property

Parent Object Reference

ParentAlias Property

ParentClass Property

ParentTable Property

Partition Property

PasswordChar Property

Picture Property (Visual FoxPro)

PictureMargin Property

PicturePosition Property

PictureSpacing Property

PictureSelectionDisplay Property

PictureVal Property

Prepared Property

PolyPoints Property

PreserveWhiteSpace Property

PreviewContainer Property

PrintJobName Property

Procedure Property


ProgID Property (Visual FoxPro)

ProjectHook Property

ProjectHookClass Property

ProjectHookLibrary Property

QuietMode Property

ReadCycle Property

ReadLock Property

ReadMouse Property

ReadObject Property

ReadOnly Property

ReadSave Property

ReadTimeout Property

RecordMark Property

RecordSource Property

RecordSourceType Property

RefreshAlias Property

RefreshCmd Property

RefreshCmdDataSource Property

RefreshCmdDataSourceType Property

RefreshIgnoreFieldList Property

RefreshTimeStamp Property

RelationalExpr Property

RelativeColumn Property

RelativeRow Property

ReleaseType Property

Resizable Property

RespectCursorCP Property

RespectNesting Property

RightToLeft Property

RotateFlip Property

Rotation Property (Visual FoxPro)

RowColChange Property

RowHeight Property

RowSource Property

RowSourceType Property

ScaleMode Property

SCCProvider Property

SCCStatus Property

ScrollBars Property

Seconds Property

SelectCmd Property

Selected Property

SelectedID Property

SelectedItemBackColor Property

SelectedItemForeColor Property

SelectionNamespaces Property

SelectOnEntry Property

SelLength Property

SelStart Property

SelText Property

SendGDIPlusImage Property

SendUpdates Property

ServerClass Property

ServerClassLibrary Property

ServerHelpFile Property

ServerName Property

ServerProject Property

ShowTips Property

ShowInTaskbar Property

ShowWindow Property

Sizable Property

SizeBox Property

SOM Property

Sorted Property

Sparse Property

SpecialEffect Property

SpinnerHighValue, SpinnerLowValue Properties

SplitBar Property

StackLevel Property

StartMode Property

StatusBar Property

StatusBarText Property

Stretch Property

StrictDateEntry Property

Style Property

TabIndex Property

Tables Property

TabOrientation Property

Tabs Property

TabStop Property

TabStretch Property

TabStyle Property

Tag Property (Visual FoxPro)

TerminateRead Property

Text Property (Visual FoxPro)

Themes Property

ThreadID Property

TimestampFieldList Property

TitleBar Property

ToolTipText Property

Top Property (Visual FoxPro)

TopIndex Property

TopItemID Property

TwoPassProcess Property

Type Property (Visual FoxPro)

TypeLibCLSID Property

TypeLibDesc Property

TypeLibName Property

Unicode Property

UpdatableFieldList Property

UpdateCmd Property

UpdateCmdDataSource Property

UpdateCmdDataSourceType Property

UpdateCmdRefreshCmd Property

UpdateCmdRefreshFieldList Property

UpdateCmdRefreshKeyFieldList Property

UpdateGram Property

UpdateGramSchemaLocation Property

UpdateNameList Property

UpdateType Property

UseCodePage Property

UseCursorSchema Property

UseDeDataSource Property

UseMemoSize Property

UserValue Property

UseTransactions Property

UTF8Encoded Property

Value Property

Version Property

VersionComments Property

VersionCompany Property

VersionCopyright Property

VersionDescription Property

VersionNumber Property

VersionProduct Property

VersionTrademarks Property

VFPXMLProgID Property

ViewPortHeight Property

ViewPortLeft Property

ViewPortTop Property

ViewPortWidth Property

VScrollSmallChange Property

View Property

Visible Property (Visual FoxPro)

VisualEffect Property

WhatsThisButton Property

WhatsThisHelp Property

WhatsThisHelpID Property

WhereType Property

Width Property

WindowList Property

WindowState Property (Visual FoxPro)

WindowType Property

WordWrap Property

WrapCharInCDATA Property

WrapInCDATA Property

WrapMemoInCDATA Property

XMLAdapter Property

XMLConstraints Property

XMLName Property

XMLNameIsXPath Property

XMLNamespace Property

XMLPrefix Property

XMLSchemaLocation Property

XMLTable Property

XMLType Property

XSDfractionDigits Property

XSDmaxLength Property

XSDtotalDigits Property

XSDtype Property

ZoomBox Property

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