ItemGroup Element (MSBuild) 

Contains a set of user-defined Item elements. Every item used in a MSBuild project must be specified as a child of an ItemGroup element.

<ItemGroup Condition="'String A' == 'String B'">
    <Item1>... </Item1>
    <Item2>... </Item2>

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


Attribute Description


Optional attribute. Condition to be evaluated. For more information, see MSBuild Conditions.

Child Elements

Element Description


Defines the inputs for the build process. There may be zero or more Item elements in an ItemGroup.

Parent Elements

Element Description


Required root element of an MSBuild project file.

The following code example shows the user-defined item collections Res and CodeFiles declared inside of an ItemGroup element. Each of the items in the Res item collection contains a user-defined child ItemMetadata element.

<Project xmlns="">
        <Res Include = "" >
        <Res Include = "" >

        <CodeFiles Include="**\*.cs" Exclude="**\generated\*.cs" />
        <CodeFiles Include="..\..\Resources\Constants.cs" />

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