This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Shadow_Extension Initialization Variable

Visual Studio 2005

Sets the file extension for files placed in the Visual SourceSafe shadow folder. For example, if you set this variable to .sdw, all files in the shadow folder are given the extension .sdw. This initialization variable is used only in the Srcsafe.ini file.

Shadow_Extension = <file extension>

By default, all files are given the same name in the shadow folder as they have in the Visual SourceSafe database. However, in some cases (for example, when using Make utilities), you might want files in the shadow folder to have extensions different from their counterparts in the database.

Note that setting this variable to a non-default extension does not enable you to distinguish different file types. Therefore, you can use a question mark as a special character that tells Visual SourceSafe to use the actual character. See the example below.

Sets the shadow folder file extension to ??V, where the question mark tells Visual SourceSafe to use the actual character V, for example, the extension .pas will become into .pav and the extension .c turns into .c_v:

Shadow_Extension = ??V