The macro ON_PARSE_COMMAND_PARAMS identifies and specifies defaults for the parameters associated with the function that is mapped to a command to a CHttpServer object by a client.




The parameters, mapped to the Args parameter and associated with the function identified by FnName, in the macro ON_PARSE_COMMAND immediately preceding ON_PARSE_COMMAND_PARAMS.

The macro ON_PARSE_COMMAND_PARAMS must immediately follow the ON_PARSE_COMMAND macro with which it is associated.

If a parameter is named, the client must supply the parameter name in the query. For example, if your parameters are as follows:

ON_PARSE_COMMAND_PARAMS("string int=42")

then the parameter string must be supplied by the client, or the query will fail.

If the parameter is optional, the client need not supply it, and the parse map will supply the default value. For example, if your parameters are as follows:

ON_PARSE_COMMAND_PARAMS("string=default int=42") 

then neither parameter must be defined in the client's query, and the parameter string is by default an empty string.

See ON_PARSE_COMMAND for a parse map example.

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