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Initiates a dialog resource.

BOOL ExecuteDlgInit(
   LPCTSTR lpszResourceName 
BOOL ExecuteDlgInit(
   LPVOID lpResource 


A pointer to a null-terminated string specifying the name of the resource.


A pointer to a resource.

TRUE if a dialog resource is executed; otherwise FALSE.

ExecuteDlgInit will use resources bound to the executing module, or resources from other sources. To accomplish this, ExecuteDlgInit finds a resource handle by calling AfxFindResourceHandle. If your MFC application does not use the shared DLL (MFCx0[U][D].DLL), AfxFindResourceHandle calls AfxGetResourceHandle, which returns the current resource handle for the executable. If your MFC application that uses MFCx0[U][D].DLL, AfxFindResourceHandle traverses the CDynLinkLibrary object list of shared and extension DLLs looking for the correct resource handle.

Header: afxwin.h

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