Compiler Warning (level 1) C4566
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Compiler Warning (level 1) C4566

Error Message

character represented by universal-character-name 'char' cannot be represented in the current code page (page)

Not every Unicode character can be represented in your current ANSI code page.

Narrow strings (one-byte characters) are converted to multi-byte characters whereas wide strings (two-byte characters) are not.

The following sample generates C4566:

// C4566.cpp
// compile with: /W1
int main() {
   char c1 = '\u03a0';   // C4566
   char c2 = '\u0642';   // C4566

   wchar_t c3 = L'\u03a0';   // OK
   wchar_t c4 = L'\u0642';   // OK
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