SS Utility

Implements Visual SourceSafe commands from the command line. When this utility performs a command, it parses command line options, stores their values in memory, and then evaluates default options before executing the command. Default options can be stored as Windows environment variables or in initialization variables defined in the Srcsafe.ini and Ss.ini initialization files.

ss [PHYSICAL]<command name> <project/file specification> [-R]

The following table describes options available with SS.


Displays the name of a file in the database that is used to store the project or file. The physical for $/ is aaaaaaaa. See Database Design.

command name

Specifies one of the Visual SourceSafe command line commands defined in Command Line Commands.

project/file specification

Specifies a single file or project. You can even specify the root project, $/, to apply to the entire database.


Makes the specified command recursive through the project tree.

Issues a Visual SourceSafe Get Latest Version command for the file Filename.txt:

ss Get Filename.txt

Displays the name of the file in the database used to store File.cpp:

ss PHYSICAL $/Project/file.cpp