This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Associates a new icon image with the static control.

HICON SetIcon(
   HICON hIcon 



Handle of the icon to be drawn in the static control.

The handle of the icon previously associated with the static control, or NULL if no icon was associated with the static control.

The icon will be automatically drawn in the static control. By default, it will be drawn in the upper-left corner and the static control will be resized to the size of the icon.

You can use various window and static control styles, including the following:

  • SS_ICON   Use this style always for cursors and icons.

  • SS_CENTERIMAGE   Use to center in the static control. If the image is larger than the static control, it will be clipped. If it is smaller than the static control, the empty space around the image will be filled with the background color of the static control.

CStatic myStatic;

// Create a child icon static control.
myStatic.Create(_T("my static"), 

// Set the icon of the static control to be the system 
// question mark icon.
myStatic.SetIcon( ::LoadIcon(NULL, IDI_QUESTION) );