This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Undo Check Out for <name> Dialog Box (Explorer)

Visual Studio 2005

Reverts a checkout operation on files or projects that you have checked out, undoing all changes. You must have a working folder set to use the Undo Check Out command.


Only your database administrator can revert checkouts made by another user.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, on the Versions menu, click Undo Check Out.


You can specify whether this dialog box is displayed by using the Command Dialogs tab in the SourceSafe Options dialog box.

Local copy

Specifies what happens to your local copy of an item when you undo a checkout. Possible options are:

Option Description


Specifies the Visual SourceSafe default, which is Replace.


Specifies that Visual SourceSafe should replace the local version of an item with the latest database version. Use of this option keeps your working folder synchronized with the contents of the database because all your changes are ignored.


Specifies that Visual SourceSafe should leave the local version of an item as it is.


Specifies that Visual SourceSafe should delete the local version of an item.

Only show this dialog when the Shift key is down

Specifies that this dialog box is not displayed unless you are holding down the SHIFT key when you select the Undo Check Out command.

Override working folders

Projects only. Overrides the working folder set for the subprojects involved in a Recursive operation. This is useful if you have files checked out in more than one project, and want to undo the checkout of all of them at the same time. This option is available only when you select the Recursive check box.


Projects only. Undoes the checkout in the selected project for all files and subprojects, and files at all levels.

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