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CFrameWnd Members

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Data Members

m_bAutoMenuEnable Controls automatic enable and disable functionality for menu items.
rectDefault Pass this static CRect as a parameter when creating a CFrameWnd object to allow Windows to choose the window's initial size and position.


CFrameWnd Constructs a CFrameWnd object.


Create Call to create and initialize the Windows frame window associated with the CFrameWnd object.
GetDockState Retrieves the dock state of a frame window.
LoadAccelTable Call to load an accelerator table.
LoadBarState Call to restore control bar settings.
LoadFrame Call to dynamically create a frame window from resource information.
SaveBarState Call to save control bar settings.
SetDockState Call to dock the frame window in the main window.
ShowControlBar Call to show the control bar.


ActivateFrame Makes the frame visible and available to the user.
BeginModalState Sets the frame window to modal.
CreateView Creates a view within a frame that is not derived from CView.
DockControlBar Docks a control bar.
EnableDocking Allows a control bar to be docked.
EndModalState Ends the frame window's modal state. Enables all of the windows disabled by BeginModalState.
FloatControlBar Floats a control bar.
GetActiveDocument Returns the active CDocument object.
GetActiveFrame Returns the active CFrameWnd object.
GetActiveView Returns the active CView object.
GetControlBar Retrieves the control bar.
GetMessageString Retrieves message corresponding to a command ID.
GetTitle Retrieves the title of the related control bar.
InitialUpdateFrame Causes the OnInitialUpdate member function belonging to all views in the frame window to be called.
InModalState Returns a value indicating whether or not a frame window is in a modal state.
IsTracking Determines if splitter bar is currently being moved.
RecalcLayout Repositions the control bars of the CFrameWnd object.
SetActiveView Sets the active CView object.
SetMessageText Sets the text of a standard status bar.
SetTitle Sets the title of the related control bar.
ShowOwnedWindows Shows all windows that are descendants of the CFrameWnd object.


GetMessageBar Returns a pointer to the status bar belonging to the frame window.
NegotiateBorderSpace Negotiates border space in the frame window.
OnCreateClient Creates a client window for the frame.
OnSetPreviewMode Sets the application's main frame window into and out of print-preview mode.

Command Handlers

OnBarCheck Called whenever an action is performed on the specified control bar.
OnContextHelp Handles SHIFT+F1 Help for in-place items.
OnUpdateControlBarMenu Called by the framework when the associated menu is updated.

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