Updated: July 20, 2015

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Specifies a namespace for all type declarations.


namespaceThe name of the namespace in which to enclose all type declarations for the current project.

If you use the Visual Studio executable file (Devenv.exe) to compile a project created in the Visual Studio integrated development environment, use /rootnamespace to specify the value of the RootNamespace property. See Devenv Command Line Switches for more information.

Use the common language runtime MSIL Disassembler (Ildasm.exe) to view the namespace names in your output file.

To set /rootnamespace in the Visual Studio integrated development environment
1. Have a project selected in Solution Explorer. On the Project menu, click Properties. For more information, see Introduction to the Project Designer.
2. Click the Application tab.
3. Modify the value in the Root Namespace box.

The following code compiles In.vb and encloses all type declarations in the namespace mynamespace.

vbc /rootnamespace:mynamespace in.vb  

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