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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Enables objects of CObject-derived classes to be created dynamically at run time.



The actual name of the class.

The framework uses this ability to create new objects dynamically. For example, the new view created when you open a new document. Document, view, and frame classes should support dynamic creation because the framework needs to create them dynamically.

Add the DECLARE_DYNCREATE macro in the .h module for the class, then include that module in all .cpp modules that need access to objects of this class.

If DECLARE_DYNCREATE is included in the class declaration, then IMPLEMENT_DYNCREATE must be included in the class implementation.

For more information on the DECLARE_DYNCREATE macro, see CObject Class Topics.


The DECLARE_DYNCREATE macro includes all the functionality of DECLARE_DYNAMIC.

See the example for IMPLEMENT_DYNCREATE.

Header: afx.h