This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual C++ Libraries Reference

The Visual C++ libraries are documented in the following references.

ATL Reference

Provides reference material for the ATL Library, a set of template-based C++ classes that simplify the programming of COM objects.

MFC Reference

Provides reference material for the MFC Library, a set of classes that constitute an application framework, which is the framework of an application written for the Windows API.

ATL/MFC Shared Classes

Provides reference material for classes shared between ATL and MFC.

MFC Feature Pack for Visual C++ 2008

Provides reference material for MFC classes provided as an add-on to MFC 9.0 with support for the Office Fluent UI ribbon functionality, docking windows, enhanced toolbars and controls, an application visual manager, and more.

OLE DB Templates

Provides reference material for the OLE DB consumer and provider templates, a set of template classes that implement many commonly used OLE DB interfaces.

Run-Time Library Reference

Provides reference material for the C Run-Time Library, a set of routines that automate many common programming tasks that are not provided by the C and C++ languages.

Standard C++ Library Reference

Provides reference material for the Standard C++ Library implementation, a set of header files that provide functions to perform essential services such as input and output and provide efficient implementations of frequently used operations.

Standard C++ Library TR1 Extensions Reference

Provides reference material for supported extensions to the Standard C++ Library in Technical Report 1, including array templates, random number generators, smart pointers, type traits, templates for tuples, regular expressions, and more.

STL/CLR Library Reference

The STL/CLR Library is a packaging of the Standard Template Library (STL), a subset of the Standard C++ Library, for use with C++ and the .NET Framework common language runtime (CLR). With STL/CLR, you can use all the containers, iterators, and algorithms of STL in a managed environment.

.NET Framework General Reference

Provides links to reference documentation for the .NET Framework.

Visual C++ Samples

Provides links to sample code showing the capabilities of Visual C++ and the libraries and technologies it supports.

Debugging in Visual Studio

Provides links to using the Visual Studio debugger to correct logic errors in your application or stored procedures.

Building a C/C++ Program

Provides links to topics describing building your program from the command line or from the integrated development environment of Visual Studio.

Visual C++

Provides links to different areas of the Visual Studio and Visual C++ documentation set.