This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compiler Error CS0535 

Error Message

'class' does not implement interface member 'member'

A class derived from an interface, but the class did not implement one or more of the interface's members. A class must implement all members of interfaces from which it derives or else be declared abstract.


The following sample generates CS0535.

// CS0535.cs
public interface A
   void F();

public class B : A {}   // CS0535 A::F is not implemented

// OK
public class C : A {
   public void F() {}
   public static void Main() {}

The following sample generates CS0535.

// CS0535_b.cs
using System;
class C : IDisposable {}   // CS0535

// OK
class D : IDisposable {
   void IDisposable.Dispose() {}
   public void Dispose() {}

   static void Main() {
      using (D d = new D()) {}