Argument-Dependent (Koenig) Lookup Now Supported
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Argument-Dependent (Koenig) Lookup Now Supported

Koenig lookup is now fully implemented in the Visual C++ compiler.

For more information, see Argument-Dependent Name (Koenig) Lookup on Functions.

The following sample behaves differently at run time in Visual Studio .NET than it does in Visual Studio .NET 2003

// bc_argument_dependent_AKA_Koenig_lookup_now_supported.cpp
// compile with: /W1
#include <stdio.h>

namespace N {
   class X {};

   void f(X *pX) {
      printf_s("in N::X::f\n");
   };   // called if compiled with 7.1

void f(void *pv) {
   printf_s("in ::f\n");
};   // called if compiled with 7.0

int main() {
   N::X *pX = 0;

   // The following lines will result in the same behavior
   // in Visual Studio .NET or Visual Studio .NET 2003
   f((void*)pX);   // Cast pX to void before calling f; calls global f
   ::f(pX);    // Explicitly specify global f
   N::f(pX);   // Explicitly specify f in namespace


in N::X::f
in ::f
in ::f
in N::X::f
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