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Data Types Compared in Different Languages

This topic lists the data types for Visual Basic, Visual J#, Visual C++, Visual C#, JScript, and Visual FoxPro.

Storage size Visual Basic Visual J# Visual C++ C# NEW JScript Visual FoxPro
16 bytes n/a n/a VARIANT n/a Object Variant
Decimal Decimal NEW (.NET Framework class) n/a DECIMAL decimal decimal NEW n/a
Date Date NEW (.NET Framework class) java.util.Date or System.DateTime DATE DateTime NEW (.NET Framework class) System.DateTime. Also the JScript Dates Date object. Date; DateTime
(varies) String NEW (.NET Framework class) java.lang.String or System.String n/a string String NEW n/a
1 byte Byte byte BYTE, bool byte byte NEW Logical
2 bytes Boolean boolean VARIANT_BOOL bool boolean NEW n/a
2 bytes Short, Char (Unicode character) short signed short int, __int16 short, char (Unicode character) short NEW, char NEW n/a
1 byte n/a char signed char, __int8   Sbyte NEW Character
4 bytes Integer int long, (long int, signed long int) int int NEW Integer
8 bytes Long NEW long __int64 long long NEW Float
4 bytes Single float float float float NEW n/a
8 bytes Double double double double double NEW Double
4 bytes in table n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a General

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