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This option edits the image to indicate which subsystem the operating system must invoke for execution.

You can specify any of the following subsystems:

  • The CONSOLE subsystem handles a Win32 character-mode application that use a console supplied by the operating system.
  • Extensible Firmware Interface. The EFI_* subsystems. See the EFI specification for more information. For example, see the Intel web site.
  • The WINDOWS subsystem handles an application that does not require a console and creates its own windows, if required.
  • The NATIVE subsystem handles a Windows NT device driver.
  • The WINDOWSCE subsystem handles Windows CE consumer electronics applications.
  • The POSIX subsystem handles a POSIX application in Windows NT.

The optional left and right values specify the minimum required version of the specified subsystem:

  • The whole number part of the version number, the portion to the left of the decimal point, is represented by left.
  • The fractional part of the version number, the portion to the right of the decimal point, is represented by right.
  • The values of left and right must be from 0 through 65,535.

The default is version 4.00 for CONSOLE, WINDOWS, and NATIVE; and version 19.90 for POSIX.

The choice of subsystem affects the default starting address for the program. For more information, see the linker Entry-Point Symbol (/ENTRY:function) option.

See the /SUBSYSTEM linker option for more information.

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