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MFC Samples 

The following table is an alphabetical list of the MFC samples included with Visual C++.

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ACDUAL Sample: Adds Dual Interfaces to an Automation Application

Demonstrates how to add dual interface support to an MFC-based Automation server.

AUTOCLIK Sample: Automation Server Application

Illustrates Automation features. Includes AUTODRIV, a simple Automation client application that drives the AUTOCLIK sample application.

BUTTON Sample: Demonstrates a Menu and a Property Page

Demonstrates use of an in-place active menu, a stock property page, and the About box control option.

CALCDRIV Sample: Demonstrates an Automation Client Application

Automation client.

CIRC Sample: ActiveX Control

Demonstrates ActiveX control basics, including control painting, stock and custom properties, stock and custom events, use of colors and fonts, the stock Font property page, the default property page, and versioning

CMNCTRL1 Sample: Demonstrates Common Control MFC Classes, Part 1

Demonstrates how to create and change the styles of Windows Common Controls using MFC classes (Part 1).

CMNCTRL2 Sample: Demonstrates Common Control MFC Classes, Part 2

Demonstrates how to create and change the styles of Windows Common Controls using MFC classes (Part 2).

COLLECT Sample: Illustrates MFC Collection Classes

Demonstrates MFC C++ template-based collection classes and standard prebuilt collection classes.

CONTAINER Sample: Visual Editing Container Application

Demonstrates a Visual Editing Container Application.

CTRLBARS Sample: Illustrates Custom Control Bars

Custom toolbar and status bar, dialog bar, and floating palette.

CTRLTEST Sample: Implements Custom Controls

Owner-draw list box and menu, custom control, bitmap button, spin control.

CUBE Sample: Demonstrates an OpenGL Application

OpenGL application using MFC device contexts along with OpenGL's resource contexts.

DHtmlExplore Sample: Demonstrates Using MFC DHtml Classes

Demonstrates handling DHTML events and using DHTML DDX.

DIBLOOK Sample: Illustrates the Use of DIBs and Color Palettes

Demonstrates the Use of DIBs and Color Palettes.

DLGCBR32 Sample: Demonstrates Adding a Status Bar and Toolbar to Dialog Boxes

Adding a toolbar and a status bar to a dialog-based application.

DLGTEMPL Sample: Creates Dialog Templates Dynamically

Demonstrates the dynamic creation of dialog templates.

DLLHUSK Sample: Dynamically Links the MFC Library

Sharing the DLL version of the Foundation class library with an application and custom DLL.

DLLScreenCap Sample: Demonstrates a Regular DLL That Statically or Dynamically Links to MFC

A regular DLL that can be statically or dynamically linked to the Microsoft Foundation Class Library.

DOCKTOOL Sample: Demonstrates Dockable Toolbars

Dragging and floating toolbars that are "dockable".

DRAWCLI Sample: Illustrates Integrating Active Container Support with Application-Specific Features

Full-featured object-oriented drawing application that is also an ActiveX Visual Editing container.

DYNAMENU Sample: Dynamically Updates Menus

Dynamically modifying list of items in menus; handling commands not known at compile time; and updating the status bar command prompt for such commands.

HIERSVR Sample: Demonstrates a Server Application with OLE Drag and Drop

Demonstrates a Server Application with OLE Drag and Drop.

HTMLEdit Sample: Wraps the Internet Explorer MSHTML Editing Control

Wraps the Internet Explorer MSHTML editing control.

INPROC Sample: Demonstrates an In-Process Automation Server Application

An in-process Automation server that can be loaded as a DLL in the client's address space.

IPDRIVE Sample: Demonstrates an Automation Client Application

A simple Automation client application that drives the INPROC sample application.

LICENSED Sample: Enforces Use of Design-Time and Run-Time Licenses

A control that enforces use of a design-time and run-time license.

LOCALIZE Sample: Control with a Localized User Interface

A control with a localized user interface that demonstrates use of separate type libraries and resource dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) for localization.

MDI Sample: Demonstrates MDI Without Using Doc/View Architecture

MDI application that does not use documents and views.

MDIDOCVW Sample: Demonstrates MDI Using Doc/View Architecture

New version of the MDI sample that uses the document/view architecture.

MFCBIND Sample: Active Document Container

Shows how to create an Active document (formerly known as a DocObject) container.

MFCIE Sample: Demonstrates the MFC CHtmlView and CReBar Classes

Demonstrates the MFC CHtmlView and CReBar Classes.

MFCCALC Sample: Demonstrates an Automation Server Application

An Automation server that implements a simple calculator.

MMXSwarm Sample: Demonstrates CImage and Visual C++ MMX Support

Demonstrates how to use CImage, the __m64 data type, and device-independent bitmaps (DIBs).

MODELESS Sample: Uses a CDialog Object as a Modeless Dialog Box

Demonstrates the use of an MFC CDialog object as a modeless dialog.

MTMDI Sample: Demonstrates an MFC User Interface Thread

Multithread illustration, where user-interface events are processed in a separate user-interface thread.

MTRECALC Sample: Supports Multithread Applications

Multithread illustration, where recalculations are done in a worker thread.

NPP Sample: Demonstrates the Windows Messaging API (MAPI)

Demonstrates the Windows Messaging API (MAPI)

OCLIENT Sample: Illustrates a Visual Editing Container Application

ActiveX Visual Editing container application, with drag and drop.

OLEVIEW Sample: ActiveX Object Viewer

Implementing an OLE object browser through custom OLE interfaces.

PROPDLG Sample: Demonstrates Property Sheet Support

Property sheets (dialogs).

REGSVR Sample: Invokes Self-Registration Code

Demonstrates the invocation of Self-Registration Code.

ROWLIST Sample: Demonstrates Selecting Full Rows in List Views

Illustrates full row selection in a list-view common control.

SCRIBBLE Sample: MFC MDI Drawing Application

SCRIBBLE is drawing application that provides simple illustrations of a wide breadth of MFC features.

SimpleImage Sample: Loads, Resizes, Converts, and Saves Images

Demonstrates loading, resizing, conversion, and saving images.

SNAPVW Sample: Uses Property Pages in a Form View Application

Shows how to use property pages in a MDI child frame window.

SPEAKN Sample: Demonstrates Multimedia Sound Using User-Defined Resources

Demonstrates Multimedia Sound Using User-Defined Resources.

SPINDIAL Sample: Demonstrates Property Page Validation

A control with the visual appearance of a spin-dial that demonstrates property page data validation.

Spiro Sample: Animated Drawing Game

A game that shows to use CImageList and how to use memory display contexts in applications requiring animation effects.

StockTicker Sample: Displays Web Information in an ATL Control

An MFC and ATL application that retrieves stock quotes from the Web and displays them in an ATL control. The user can set the display's properties, including rate of data refresh.

SUPERPAD Sample: Demonstrates a Visual Editing Server That Edits Text Using CEditView

Demonstrates a Visual Editing Server That Edits Text Using CEditView.

TIME Sample: Fires a Timer at Set Intervals

A control that is invisible at run time and fires a timer event at set intervals. Demonstrates notification functions and ambient properties.

TSTCON Sample: ActiveX Control Test Container

Implements an ActiveX control container using MFC's support for OLE embedding. You can use TSTCON to test ActiveX controls, change their properties, and invoke their methods.

TESTHELP Sample: ActiveX Control with Tooltips and Help

An ActiveX control that has its own help file and tooltips.

TRACKER Sample: Illustrates Various CRectTracker Styles and Options

Demonstrates various CRectTracker styles and options.

VariantUse Sample: Demonstrates the Use of Variants

Demonstrates the use of the variant data type.

VIEWEX Sample: Demonstrates Multiple Views, Scroll Views, and Splitter Windows

Multiple views, scroll view, splitter windows.

WinFormIntegration Sample: Demonstrates Hosting a WinForms User Control in an MFC Application

Demonstrates how to host a WinForm user control as a dialog or a view in an MFC application.

WORDPAD Sample: The Windows Application

Uses MFC's support for rich edit controls to create a basic word processor.

XLIST Sample: Displays Text or Bitmaps

A control, subclassed from a Windows list box, that displays text or bitmap items.

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