ProjectHookLibrary Property

The .vcx visual class library containing the default ProjectHook class for a project.

Object.ProjectHookLibrary[ = cLibraryName]


Specifies a .vcx visual class library that contains a class based on the ProjectHook base class. After you specify the .vcx visual class library with this property, use the ProjectHookClass property to specify the default class for the project.

To delete the default ProjectHook class for a project, set the ProjectHookLibrary or ProjectHookClass property to the empty string.

Applies To: Project Object

You can also specify the default ProjectHook class for a project in the Project tab of the Project Information dialog box.

Changing the ProjectHookLibrary property doesn't instantiate the new ProjectHook object. The change takes effect the next time the project is opened. To change the current ProjectHook object, use the ProjectHook property.

For more information about projects, see Project Manager Hooks.

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