This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Language Support

Visual Studio 2005

The Visual J# compiler provides support for Microsoft® Visual J++® 6.0 extensions, including delegates, J/Direct®, the @com attribute support for Java-language/COM interop functionality, conditional compilation, and most of the other attributes, such as @security and @hidden. Visual J# also provides support for using the .NET Framework class libraries and user-defined class libraries written in other .NET Framework-compliant languages such as Visual C# and Visual Basic.

In This Section

Support for Visual J++ 6.0

Lists Microsoft extensions in Visual J++ 6.0 that are fully supported in Visual J#.

Support for Consuming .NET Framework Classes

Provides a short sample to demonstrate how Visual J# can use .NET Framework classes that conform to the common language specification (CLS).

Syntax for Targeting the .NET Framework

Provides links to topics that show the syntax for using features of the .NET Framework common language runtime.

Unsupported .NET Framework Features

Lists features of the .NET Framework common language runtime that are not supported in Visual J#.

Walkthrough: Generating and Compiling Source Code Dynamically in the Java Language

Describes the CodeDOM implementation for the Java language that Visual J# provides.

Documentation Comments in Visual J#

Describes features in the integrated development environment that provide support for documentation comments.

Visual J# Exception Hierarchies

Describes the relationship between Java-language exceptions and .NET Framework exceptions.

Related Sections

Visual J# Reference

Reference topics on the Visual J# compiler, the Binary Converter Tool (JbImp.exe), language and library support, upgrading from Visual J++ 6.0 projects, Visual J# syntax for the .NET Framework class library, and development-environment features.

Class Library Support

Lists the packages supported and not supported, as well as implementation-specific details for the class library support.