AutoCenter Property
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AutoCenter Property

Specifies whether the form object is automatically centered in the main Visual FoxPro window or on the desktop the first time it is displayed. Available at design time and run time.

Object.AutoCenter [ = lExpr]


Specifies whether the Form object is centered or placed according to the settings of the Top and Left properties. The settings for the AutoCenter property are:

Setting Description

True (.T.)

The Form object is centered and the values of the Top and Left properties are set to the new position.

False (.F.)

(Default) The Form object is not centered and is placed at the coordinates specified by the Top and Left properties.

Applies To: Form Object | _SCREEN System Variable

Forms are displayed in the main window, so setting AutoCenter to true (.T.) centers the form within the main window.


Resetting AutoCenter to false (.F.) after it has been set to true (.T.) will not return the form to the original Top and Left position.

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