This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this member function to determine whether the current record has been deleted.

BOOL IsDeleted( ) const;

Nonzero if the recordset is positioned on a deleted record; otherwise 0.

If you scroll to a record and IsDeleted returns TRUE (nonzero), then you must scroll to another record before you can perform any other recordset operations.


You don't need to check the deleted status for records in a snapshot or table-type recordset. Because records cannot be deleted from a snapshot, there is no need to call IsDeleted. For table-type recordsets, deleted records are actually removed from the recordset. Once a record has been deleted, either by you, another user, or in another recordset, you cannot scroll back to that record. Therefore, there is no need to call IsDeleted.

When you delete a record from a dynaset, it is removed from the recordset and you cannot scroll back to that record. However, if a record in a dynaset is deleted either by another user or in another recordset based on the same table, IsDeleted will return TRUE when you later scroll to that record.

For related information, see the topics "Delete Method", "LastModified Property", and "EditMode Property" in DAO Help.