This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CInternetFile Class

class CInternetFile : public CStdioFile


The MFC class CInternetFile provides a base class for the CHttpFile and CGopherFile file classes. CInternetFile and its derived classes allow access to files on remote systems that use Internet protocols. You never create a CInternetFile object directly. Instead, create an object of one of its derived classes by calling CGopherConnection::OpenFile or CHttpConnection::OpenRequest. You also can create a CInternetFile object by calling CFtpConnection::OpenFile.

The CInternetFile member functions Open, LockRange, UnlockRange, and Duplicate are not implemented for CInternetFile. If you call these functions on a CInternetFile object, you will get a CNotSupportedException.

To learn more about how CInternetFile works with the other MFC Internet classes, see the article Internet Programming with WinInet.


Header: afxinet.h

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