This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Getting Started With JScript .NET

JScript .NET represents a major advance of the JScript language in several ways. With tighter integration into the Visual Studio .NET development environment, multiple new features, and access to the .NET Framework classes, moving from JScript to JScript .NET may appear at first to be a daunting task.

In reality, almost all of the changes represent additional functionality, while the core JScript .NET functionality is the same as in previous versions. Practically all JScript scripts will run without modification under JScript .NET (with the fast mode turned off). To run in fast mode (the mode supported by ASP.NET), some scripts will need minor modifications.

It is easy to make the transition from JScript to JScript .NET since you can include the new features into your code gradually. You can upgrade your scripts at your own pace, adding new functionality as you learn more about JScript .NET.

The following documentation will help you to upgrade your applications and quickly understand the changes to JScript .NET.

In This Section

What Is JScript .NET?
Provides a general overview of JScript .NET, its relationship to ECMAScript, and its evolution from previous versions of JScript.
What's New in JScript .NET
Lists the new features in JScript .NET, which include features developed in conjunction with ECMAScript Edition 4 and additional features not specified in ECMAScript.
Introduction to JScript .NET for JScript Programmers
Describes differences between JScript and JScript .NET which provides a quick background for experienced JScript programmers.
The JScript Version of Hello World!
Illustrates how to write the familiar Hello World! program in JScript .NET.
Upgrading Applications Created in Previous Versions of JScript
Describes how to upgrade existing JScript applications to work with JScript .NET.
Running a JScript Application on a Previous Version of the Common Language Runtime
Explains how to configure a JScript .NET application built with one version of the runtime to run on a previous version of the runtime.
Additional Resources for JScript Programmers
Lists several sites and newsgroups that provide answers for common JScript programming issues.

Related Sections

Version Information
Lists all the features of JScript and the corresponding version in which each was introduced.
JScript Language Tour
Introduces the elements and procedures that developers use to write JScript code and links to specific areas that explain the details behind language elements and code syntax.
JScript Reference
Lists elements that comprise JScript Language Reference and links to topics that explain the details behind the proper use of language elements.