This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compiler Warning (level 4) C4682

Error Message

'parameter' : no directional parameter attribute specified, defaulting to [in]

A method on a parameter in an attributed interface does not have one of the directional attributes: in or out. The parameter defaults to in.

This warning is off by default. See Compiler Warnings That Are Off by Default for more information.

The following sample generates C4682:

// C4682.cpp
// compile with: /W4
#pragma warning(default : 4682)
#include <windows.h>

[ library_block, object, uuid("c54ad59d-d516-41dd-9acd-afda17565c2b") ]
__interface IMyIface : IUnknown
   HRESULT f1(int i, int *pi); // C4682
   // try the following line
   // HRESULT f1([in] int i, [in] int *pi);

int main()