CFormView Class
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CFormView Class 

The base class used for form views.

class CFormView : public CScrollView

A form view is essentially a view that contains controls. These controls are laid out based on a dialog-template resource. Use CFormView if you want forms in your application. These views support scrolling, as needed, using the CScrollView functionality.

When you are Creating a Forms-Based Application, you can base its view class on CFormView, making it a forms-based application.

You can also insert new Form Topics into document-view-based applications. Even if your application did not initially support forms, Visual C++ will add this support when you insert a new form.

The MFC Application Wizard and the Add Class command are the preferred methods for creating forms-based applications. If you need to create a forms-based application without using these methods, see Creating a Forms-Based Application.

Header: afxext.h

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