Paths Tab (Explorer and Plug-in)
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Paths Tab (Explorer and Plug-in)

Visual Studio 2005

Displays the items that contain branched versions of the selected file. The paths for a file represent its entire branch history, including all the times the Branch command has been used to move the file to different projects in different development paths. Changes made to the file, however, are not shown. Use the Show History (Explorer) or History (plug-in) command to view these.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, on the File menu, click Properties, then Paths.

In Visual Studio, on the File menu, click Source Control, then click SourceSafe Properties, then Paths.


Displays the Links for <name> dialog box, which you can use to view the share links for the file. See "Remarks."

Projects with independent branches

Lists the projects in which the selected file has been shared.


Shows a <your report title> dialog box that allows you to send a paths report to a printer, a file, or the Clipboard.


Lists the original and current version numbers for the branch of the file.


A Paths display might look like this:

Projects with independent branches:     Versions
$/A                                     1->5
--$/B                                   6->7
--$/D                                   4->4

This display indicates three branches of the file:

  • The first branch has progressed from version 1 of the file to version 5.

  • The second branch has the first as its parent, that is, versions 1 through 5 of the file are the same in this branch. The second branch began at version 6 and was checked in once since then, moving it to version 7.

  • The third branch began at version 4 and has not changed since it was created.

You can select a branch and click the Links button to see where the file is shared. This information is useful when, for example, a bug has been introduced in a file at a particular version in a branch.

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