This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Flashes the given window once.

BOOL FlashWindow( 
   BOOL bInvert  


Specifies whether the CWnd is to be flashed or returned to its original state. The CWnd is flashed from one state to the other if bInvert is TRUE. If bInvert is FALSE, the window is returned to its original state (either active or inactive).

Nonzero if the window was active before the call to the FlashWindow member function; otherwise 0.

For successive flashing, create a system timer and repeatedly call FlashWindow. Flashing the CWnd means changing the appearance of its title bar as if the CWnd were changing from inactive to active status, or vice versa. (An inactive title bar changes to an active title bar; an active title bar changes to an inactive title bar.)

Typically, a window is flashed to inform the user that it requires attention but that it does not currently have the input focus.

The bInvert parameter should be FALSE only when the window is getting the input focus and will no longer be flashing; it should be TRUE on successive calls while waiting to get the input focus.

This function always returns nonzero for minimized windows. If the window is minimized, FlashWindow will simply flash the window's icon; bInvert is ignored for minimized windows.

BOOL CPenWidthsDlg::OnInitDialog()

   // set timer to cause dialog to flash
   SetTimer(1, 500, NULL);
   return TRUE;  // return TRUE unless you set the focus to a control

void CPenWidthsDlg::OnTimer(UINT_PTR nIDEvent)
   // cause the dialog to flash

Header: afxwin.h