This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Purge (Command Line)

Visual Studio 2005

Permanently removes previously deleted files and projects from a Visual SourceSafe database. For definitions of the command options, see Command Options in this Help system.


You cannot recover items purged from a database.

ss Purge <items> [-H] [-I-] [-N] [-O] [-R] [-Y] [-?]

You must have the Destroy project right to use this command.

When you use the Delete command to delete a file or project in Visual SourceSafe, the deleted item is removed from Visual SourceSafe Explorer, but Visual SourceSafe is still storing it internally. You can use the Dir -D command on the command line to list the files that are deleted from the current project. Then, you can use Purge to purge them if you want to destroy them permanently, or rebuild earlier versions of the project that required them using the Recover command.

Purges the deleted file Test.c:

ss Purge TEST.C

Purges the deleted project $/PRJ:

ss Purge $/PRJ