This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

HtmlTextWriter.Write Method (Double)

Writes the text representation of a double-precision floating-point number to the output stream, along with any pending tab spacing.

Namespace: System.Web.UI
Assembly: System.Web (in system.web.dll)

public override void Write (
	double value
public void Write (
	double value
public override function Write (
	value : double
Not applicable.



The Write method generates any tabs that are pending, and then calls the Write base method.

The following code example shows how to use the Write method to render the value of the Double.MaxValue field.

This code example generates the following markup:




// Use the Write(Double) method to render
// the MaxValue field of the Double structure. 

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The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 is supported on Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP SP2, and Windows Server 2003 SP1.

.NET Framework

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