Transmits any pending changes made to all rows since the last fetch or Update call on it.

HRESULT UpdateAll( 
   HROW** pphRow = NULL, 
   DBROWSTATUS** ppStatus = NULL  
) throw( );


[out] A pointer to the location where UpdateAll returns the number of rows it attempted to update, if required.


[out] A pointer to memory in which UpdateAll returns the handle of the row it attempted to update. No handle is returned if pphRow is null.


[out] A pointer to the location where Update returns the row status value. No status is returned if ppStatus is null.

Transmits any pending changes made to all rows since those rows were last fetched or updated using Update or UpdateAll. UpdateAll will update every row that has been modified, regardless of whether you still have the handle for them (see pphRow) or not.

For example, if you used Insert to insert five rows in a rowset, you could either call Update five times or call UpdateAll once to update them all.

This method requires the optional interface IRowsetUpdate, which might not be supported on all providers; if this is the case, the method returns E_NOINTERFACE. You must also set DBPROP_IRowsetUpdate to VARIANT_TRUE before calling Open on the table or command containing the rowset.

A standard HRESULT.

Header: atldbcli.h

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