This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Windows Installer Deployment 

Windows Installer deployment allows you to create installer packages to be distributed to users; the user runs the setup file and steps through a wizard to install the application. This is done by adding a Setup project to your solution; when built, it creates a setup file that you distribute to users; the user runs the setup file and steps through a wizard to install the application.

The following topics will help you learn more about Windows Installer deployment.

In This Section

Windows Installer Deployment Overview

Discusses deployment alternatives, deployment through distributable media, setup projects, Web setup projects, CAB file projects, and so on.

Windows Installer Deployment Concepts

Discusses merge modules, deployment files and folders, and how to associate file extensions with an application.

Windows Installer Deployment Tasks

Describes how to use the Visual Studio features to create a Windows Installer package.

Windows Installer Deployment Walkthroughs

Provides walkthroughs of various deployment tasks using Windows Installer.

Windows Installer Deployment User Interface Elements

Describes the Visual Studio wizards and other user interface elements pertaining to Windows Installer.

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ClickOnce Deployment for Windows Forms Applications

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Deployment Scenarios for .NET Framework Applications

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How the Runtime Locates Assemblies

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Redistributing the .NET Framework

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Deploying Applications and Components

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