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DataGridViewClipboardCopyMode Enumeration

Note: This enumeration is new in the .NET Framework version 2.0.

Defines constants that indicate whether content is copied from a DataGridView control to the Clipboard.

Namespace: System.Windows.Forms
Assembly: System.Windows.Forms (in

public enum class DataGridViewClipboardCopyMode
public enum DataGridViewClipboardCopyMode
public enum DataGridViewClipboardCopyMode

 Member nameDescription
DisableCopying to the Clipboard is disabled. 
EnableAlwaysIncludeHeaderTextThe text values of selected cells can be copied to the Clipboard. Header text is included for rows and columns that contain selected cells.  
EnableWithAutoHeaderTextThe text values of selected cells can be copied to the Clipboard. Row or column header text is included for rows or columns that contain selected cells only when the DataGridView.SelectionMode property is set to RowHeaderSelect or ColumnHeaderSelect and at least one header is selected.  
EnableWithoutHeaderTextThe text values of selected cells can be copied to the Clipboard. Header text is not included. 

This enumeration is used by the ClipboardCopyMode property to indicate whether users can copy the text values of selected cells to the Clipboard and whether row and column header text is included.

The following code example demonstrates how to enable copying in the DataGridView control. For the complete example, see How to: Enable Users to Copy Multiple Cells to the Clipboard from the Windows Forms DataGridView Control.

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