This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Database_Name Initialization Variable

Visual Studio 2005

Specifies the "friendly" name that is displayed for the current Visual SourceSafe database in the Visual SourceSafe Explorer title bar.

Note   If you want to set the database name, do so before anyone runs Visual SourceSafe. An alternate method is to re-add the database with a new name. Visual SourceSafe will prompt to rename it.

Database_Name = <character string>

When choosing a database name, use a product name, project code name, or other descriptive project-oriented label. If the database name is not defined, the Visual SourceSafe Explorer title bar contains the last point of the path to an installation. For example, the title bar for an installation at \\server\share\SS5.0 contains SS5.0. Note that if the folder name is VSS, the title bar uses the share name instead.

Sets the database name to "Information Services":

Database_Name = Information Services