This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CFtpFileFind Class 

Aids in Internet file searches of FTP servers.

class CFtpFileFind : public CFileFind

CFtpFileFind includes member functions that begin a search, locate a file, and return the URL or other descriptive information about the file.

Other MFC classes designed for Internet and local file searched include CGopherFileFind and CFileFind. Together with CFtpFileFind, these classes provide a seamless mechanism for the client to find specific files, regardless of the server protocol or file type (either a local machine or a remote server). Note that there is no MFC class for searching on HTTP servers because HTTP does not support the direct file manipulation required for searches.

For more information about how to use CFtpFileFind and the other WinInet classes, see the article Internet Programming with WinInet.

The following code demonstrates how to enumerate all files in the current directory of the FTP server.

// cftpfilefind_class.cpp
// Compile with: /MT /EHsc
#include <afx.h>
#include <afxwin.h>
#include <afxinet.h>
#include <stdio.h>

CWinApp theApp;

int main()
    if (!AfxWinInit(::GetModuleHandle(NULL), NULL, 
                    ::GetCommandLine(), 0))
        // catastropic error! MFC can't initialize
        return -1;

    // create a session object to initialize WININET library
    // Default parameters mean the access method in the registry
    // (that is, set by the "Internet" icon in the Control Panel)
    // will be used.

    CInternetSession sess(_T("MyProgram/1.0"));

    CFtpConnection* pConnect = NULL;

        // Request a connection to Default
        // parameters mean that we'll try with username = ANONYMOUS
        // and password set to the machine name @ domain name
        pConnect = sess.GetFtpConnection(_T(""));

        // use a file find object to enumerate files
        CFtpFileFind finder(pConnect);

        // start looping
        BOOL bWorking = finder.FindFile(_T("*"));

        while (bWorking)
            bWorking = finder.FindNextFile();
            printf_s("%s\n", (LPCTSTR) finder.GetFileURL());
    catch (CInternetException* pEx)
        TCHAR sz[1024];
        pEx->GetErrorMessage(sz, 1024);
        printf_s("ERROR!  %s\n", sz);

    // if the connection is open, close it
    if (pConnect != NULL) 
        delete pConnect;

   return 0;

Header: afxinet.h

This class is not supported in Smart Device projects.