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Call this member function when you want to store and load the version information of a base class.

void SerializeClass(
   const CRuntimeClass* pClassRef 


A pointer to a run-time class object for the base class.


SerializeClass reads or writes the reference to a class to the CArchive object, depending on the direction of the CArchive. Use SerializeClass in place of ReadClass and WriteClass as a convenient way to serialize base-class objects; SerializeClass requires less code and fewer parameters.

Like ReadClass, SerializeClass verifies that the archived class information is compatible with your runtime class. If it is not compatible, SerializeClass will throw a CArchiveException.

Your runtime class must use DECLARE_SERIAL and IMPLEMENT_SERIAL; otherwise, SerializeClass will throw a CNotSupportedException.

Use the RUNTIME_CLASS macro to retrieve the value for the pRuntimeClass parameter. The base class must have used the IMPLEMENT_SERIAL macro.


class CBaseClass : public CObject { ... };
class CDerivedClass : public CBaseClass { ... };
void CDerivedClass::Serialize(CArchive& ar)
   if (ar.IsStoring())
      //normal code for storing contents 
      //of this object
      //normal code for reading contents 
      //of this object

   //allow the base class to serialize along 
   //with its version information

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