This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

EOL Initialization Variable

Visual Studio 2005

Sets the end-of-line character that is used when Visual SourceSafe gets or checks out text files. By default, Visual SourceSafe uses the Windows character style. However, you can set this environment variable to change the default as required.


For the EOL environment variable to have any effect, the Append_EOL environment variable must be set to Yes.

EOL = {n or LF|r or CR|rn or CRLF}

The following table shows the possible values for the EOL initialization variable and the corresponding end-of-line characters.

Initialization Variable Value End-of-line Character Operating System Style

rn or CRLF

Carriage return-line feed pair


n or LF

Line feed


r or CR

Carriage return


For all Visual SourceSafe clients to use the same end-of-line character style, set the EOL initialization variable in the Srcsafe.ini file. If you have an environment requiring different character styles on different machines, you can have each user set the variable as needed in the corresponding Ss.ini file.

Specifies the use of a Windows-style carriage return at the end of each text line for the team environment: