Attributes by Group
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Attributes by Group 

The C++ attributes are organized into the following functional groups:

Attribute Description

COM Attributes

Injects code to support numerous areas of COM development and .NET Framework common language runtime development.

IDL Attributes

Lets you modify the .idl file from within a source code file without a wizard and without being familiar with the structure and syntax of that file.

ATL Server Attributes

Injects code, based on the ATL Server classes, to create a Web application or XML Web service request handler, or a performance monitoring object.

OLE DB Consumer Attributes

Injects code, based on the OLE DB Consumer Templates, to create a working OLE DB consumer that performs tasks such as opening tables, executing commands, and accessing data.

Compiler Attributes

Attributes supplied by the Visual C++ compiler.

For information on defining custom attributes for your .NET application, see User-Defined Attributes.

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