Drawing Tool Classes
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Drawing Tool Classes

These classes encapsulate drawing tools that are used to draw on a device context.

The base class for GDI drawing tools.
Encapsulates a GDI brush that can be selected as the current brush in a device context. Brushes are used for filling interiors of objects being drawn.
Encapsulates a GDI pen that can be selected as the current pen in a device context. Pens are used for drawing the border lines of objects.
Encapsulates a GDI font that can be selected as the current font in a device context.
Encapsulates a GDI bitmap, providing an interface for manipulating bitmaps.
Encapsulates a GDI color palette for use as an interface between the application and a color output device such as a display.
Displays and handles the user interface for resizing and moving rectangular objects.

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