CComAutoThreadModule Class

As of ATL 7.0, CComAutoThreadModule is obsolete: see ATL Module Classes for more details.

Important note Important

This class and its members cannot be used in applications that execute in the Windows Runtime.

class ThreadAllocator= CComSimpleThreadAllocator  
class CComAutoThreadModule : 
public CComModule


[in] The class managing thread selection. The default value is CComSimpleThreadAllocator.


Selects a thread and then creates an object in the associated apartment.


(Static) Dynamically calculates the number of threads for the module based on the number of processors.


Creates the module's threads.


Increments the lock count on the module and on the current thread.


Decrements the lock count on the module and on the current thread.

Data Members


Contains the identifier of the current thread.


Manages thread selection.


Contains the number of threads in the module.


Manages the module's apartments.

Note Note

This class is obsolete, having been replaced by the CAtlAutoThreadModule and CAtlModule derived classes. The information that follows is for use with older releases of ATL.

CComAutoThreadModule derives from CComModule to implement a thread-pooled, apartment-model COM server for EXEs and Windows services. CComAutoThreadModule uses CComApartment to manage an apartment for each thread in the module.

Derive your module from CComAutoThreadModule when you want to create objects in multiple apartments. You must also include the DECLARE_CLASSFACTORY_AUTO_THREAD macro in your object's class definition to specify CComClassFactoryAutoThread as the class factory.

By default, the ATL COM AppWizard (the ATL Project Wizard in Visual Studio .NET) will derive your module from CComModule. To use CComAutoThreadModule, modify the class definition. For example:

class CMyModule : 
public CComAutoThreadModule<CComSimpleThreadAllocator>
   LONG Unlock()
      LONG l = CComAutoThreadModule<CComSimpleThreadAllocator>::Unlock();
      if (l == 0)
         PostThreadMessage(dwThreadID, WM_QUIT, 0, 0);
      return l;

   DWORD dwThreadID;

Header: atlbase.h