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Removes user-defined windows or Visual FoxPro system windows from memory.




Specifies the windows released from memory. WindowNameList can include both user-defined windows and Visual FoxPro system windows. Separate the window names with commas.

If WindowNameList isn't included, the active user-defined window is released.

RELEASE WINDOWS can be used to remove Visual FoxPro system windows from the main Visual FoxPro window from or a parent, user-defined window.

The following list includes system windows that can be released from the main Visual FoxPro window or from a parent window.

  • Command

  • Data Session (use RELEASE WINDOW "View")

  • Debug

  • Debug Output

  • Document View

  • Locals

  • Trace

  • Watch

  • View

To release a system window and/or a toolbar (in Visual FoxPro), enclose the entire system window or toolbar name in quotation marks. For example, to release the Report Controls toolbar in Visual FoxPro, issue the following command:

RELEASE WINDOW "Report Controls"

Historically in prior versions of Visual FoxPro, the Data Session window has always been referred to as the View window. Additionally, language used to control this window, such as HIDE WINDOW, ACTIVATE WINDOW, WONTOP( ), also refers to this window as the View window. Visual FoxPro continues to refer to the View window for the RELEASE WINDOWS command.

Use ACTIVATE WINDOW to place a system window in the main Visual FoxPro window or in a user-defined window.

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