This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Managing ASP.NET Web Sites in Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2005

In addition to creating the content of your Web site, you often need to make changes, like adding or removing pages or code, or making configuration changes.

This section provides information on how to change the behavior of your Web site with configuration settings, how to publish a Web site to a Web server, and how to improve the performance of your Web applications.

In This Section

Configuring ASP.NET Applications

Describes the XML-based ASP.NET configuration system, the hierarchy and inheritance of configuration settings, and the programmatic API for managing configuration.

How to: Create Web.config Files (Visual Studio)

Describes how to use tools in Visual Web Developer to create and edit an application's configuration file.

Deploying ASP.NET Web Sites (Visual Studio)

Provides information on how to build (precompile) a Web application and how to copy it from a development computer to a production Web server computer.

ASP.NET Performance

Provides information on best practices for creating high-performance ASP.NET Web applications, on monitoring performance, and on using caching to increase application throughput.

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