User Permissions and Advanced Setup Options
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User Permissions and Advanced Setup Options 

As you install Visual Studio, you will have the opportunity to choose among several different installation and setup options. This topic will help you familiarize yourself with these options, and direct you to appropriate help.

You also can refer to the Readme.htm file, located in the root of the installation CD or DVD or online at The Readme files contain detailed information on installation issues for all of the products in Visual Studio. Both Readme files are in HTML format and can be viewed with an Internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later. For information on locating Readme files, refer to the topic Locating Readme Files.

The following sections provide more information on various aspects of setup:

For information on See the following section in this topic

The user permissions required to install Visual Studio

User Permissions

Administrator setup and Active Directory deployment

Enterprise Network Deployment

For more information, see Installing Visual Studio 64-bit Components and Installing Visual Studio Versions Side-by-Side.

User Permissions

You must be logged on with Administrator permissions to install the product. You do not, however, need Administrator permissions to use Visual Studio after installation. Most tools require only the basic permissions provided by the Users group. If you do not have the correct permissions to use a certain tool, Visual Studio provides an alert to notify you.

For more information about user permissions in Visual Studio .NET 2003, see Developing Software in Visual Studio with Non-Administrative Privileges.

For more information about user permissions in Visual Studio 2005, see User Rights and Visual Studio.

Enterprise Network Deployment

Visual Studio provides two ways to deploy to client computers: Administrator mode of Visual Studio setup and through Active Directory.

Administrator Setup

This mode of setup allows network administrators to silently deploy Visual Studio to client computers. Administrator setup allows you to create custom installation files for Visual Studio prerequisites and the Visual Studio product installation.

For more information on Administrator setup, see adminreadme.htm in the Setup folder in the Visual Studio CD or DVD.

Deploying via Active Directory

Setup supports publishing Visual Studio to users using Active Directory. For more information, see adminreadme.htm in the Setup folder in the Visual Studio CD or DVD.

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