This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

.NET Framework Core Development 

This section of the Help discusses how you add code to your .NET Framework-based application.

In This Section

Development Fundamentals

Provides links to information on basic application development tasks in the .NET Framework

Configuring Applications

Explains how developers and administrators can apply settings to various types of configuration files.

Debugging and Profiling Applications

Explains how to test, optimize, and profile .NET Framework applications and the application environment. This section includes information for administrators as well as developers.

Deploying .NET Framework Applications

Shows how to create a self-described, self-contained application, whether the application is a Windows Forms application, an ASP.NET application, or a control to download.

Side-by-Side Execution

Explains what side-by-side execution is and how you can use it to run multiple copies of an application, a component, or the entire runtime.

.NET Framework Class Library in Visual Studio

Provides links to information about the most important namespaces for each feature area.


Term Definition

.NET Framework Class Library

Provides a complete reference to the class library.

.NET Framework Tools

Describes the command-line tools that come with the .NET Framework and allow you to do configuration, deployment, debugging, and security work.