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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CWinTraitsOR Class

This class provides a method for standardizing the styles used when creating a window object.

template < 
   DWORD t_dwStyle = 0, 
   DWORD t_dwExStyle = 0, 
   class TWinTraits = CControlWinTraits  
class CWinTraitsOR


Default window styles.


Default extended window styles.

This window traits class provides a simple method for standardizing the styles used for the creation of an ATL window object. Use a specialization of this class as a template parameter to CWindowImpl or another of ATL's window classes to specify the minimum set of standard and extended styles to be used for instances of that window class.

Use a specialization of this template if you want to ensure that certain styles are set for all instances of the window class while permitting other styles to be set on a per-instance basis in the call to CWindowImpl::Create.

If you want to provide default window styles that will be used only when no other styles are specified in the call to CWindowImpl::Create, use CWinTraits instead.

Header: atlwin.h