Smart_Mode Initialization Variable
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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Smart_Mode Initialization Variable

Visual Studio 2005

Specifies Yes to enable the Visual SourceSafe Smart mode feature, and No to disable Smart mode. With Smart mode enabled:

  • When you create or recover a project, Visual SourceSafe sets the new project as the current project.

  • When you delete or destroy a file, Visual SourceSafe automatically deletes the corresponding local copy.

  • When you rename a file, Visual SourceSafe automatically renames the corresponding local copy.

Smart_Mode = {Yes|No}

You can set this variable in your Ss.ini file directly or in Visual SourceSafe Explorer. In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, use the SourceSafe Options dialog box, Local Files tab. Select the Remove local copy after delete check box to set Smart mode to Yes.

Disables Smart mode:

Smart_Mode = No
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