This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Moveable Property for Visual Basic 6.0 Users 

The Moveable property of a Visual Basic 6.0 form has no equivalent in Visual Basic 2005.

Conceptual Differences

In Visual Basic 6.0, the Moveable property of a form can be set to False to prevent a user from moving the form at run time. Windows Forms in Visual Basic 2005 does not have an equivalent property.

Although it is generally considered bad user interface design, you can achieve similar behavior in Visual Basic 2005 by setting the FormBorderStyle property to None and then the ControlBox property to False.

Upgrade Notes

When a Visual Basic 6.0 application is upgraded to Visual Basic 2005, any design-time or run-time references to the Moveable property are not upgraded and a warning comment is added to the code.

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