This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compiler Warning (Level 1) C4788

'identifier' : identifier was truncated to 'number' characters

The compiler limits the maximum length allowed for a function name. When the compiler generates funclets for EH/SEH code, it forms the funclet name by prepending the function name with some text, for example "__catch", "__unwind", or another string.

The resulting funclet name can be too long, and the compiler will truncate it and generate C4788.

To resolve this warning, shorten the original function name. If the function is a C++ template function or method, use a typedef for part of the name. For example:

C1<x, y, z<T>>::C2<a,b,c>::f

can be replaced by:

typedef C1<x, y, z<T>>::C2<a,b,c> new_class ;

This warning only occurs in the x64 compiler.