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Marks start and end of a procedure block called label. The statements in the block can be called with the CALL instruction or INVOKE directive.

   label PROC [[distance]] [[langtype]] [[visibility]] [[<prologuearg>]]   
[[USES reglist]] [[, parameter [[:tag]]]]...  
[FRAME [:ehandler-address] ]  
label ENDP  

[FRAME [:ehandler-address] ] is only valid with ml64.exe, and causes MASM to generate a function table entry in .pdata and unwind information in .xdata for a function's structured exception handling unwind behavior.

When the FRAME attribute is used, it must be followed by an .ENDPROLOG directive.

See MASM for x64 (ml64.exe) for more information on using ml64.exe.

; ml64 ex1.asm /link /entry:Example1 /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE  
_text SEGMENT  
Example1 PROC FRAME  
   push r10  
.pushreg r10  
   push r15  
.pushreg r15  
   push rbx  
.pushreg rbx  
   push rsi  
.pushreg rsi  
   ; rest of function ...  
Example1 ENDP  
_text ENDS  

The above code will emit the following function table and unwind information:

FileHeader->Machine 34404  
Dumping Unwind Information for file ex2.exe  
.pdata entry 1 0x00001000 0x00001023  
  Unwind data: 0x00002000  
    Unwind version: 1  
    Unwind Flags: None  
    Size of prologue: 0x08  
    Count of codes: 3  
    Frame register: rbp  
    Frame offset: 0x0  
    Unwind codes:  
      Code offset: 0x08, SET_FPREG, register=rbp, offset=0x00  
      Code offset: 0x05, ALLOC_SMALL, size=0x10  
      Code offset: 0x01, PUSH_NONVOL, register=rbp  

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