ZAP Command

Removes all records from a table, leaving just the table structure.

ZAP   [IN nWorkArea | cTableAlias]


IN nWorkArea

Specifies the work area of the table in which all records are removed.

IN cTableAlias

Specifies the alias of the table in which all records are removed.

If you omit nWorkArea and cTableAlias, all records are removed in the table in the currently selected work area.

Issuing ZAP is equivalent to issuing DELETE ALL followed by PACK, but ZAP is much faster.

If SET SAFETY is ON, Microsoft Visual FoxPro asks if you would like to remove the records from the current table.

Issuing ZAP does not cause a Delete trigger to occur. For more information about creating triggers for a table, see CREATE TRIGGER Command.

Caution noteCaution

Records zapped from the current table cannot be recalled.

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